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Black People's Mental Health Association

Our Users

Some of Our MembersWaltham Forest is one of the most deprived boroughs in East London and has witnessed an ever growing debate over the provision of appropriate and accessible mental health services for its Black and Asian communities.

Our service users are provided with real opportunities not only to break the cycle of isolation which is present in many of their lives, but also to help raise self-awareness, confidence and assertiveness. Together these can only serve to heighten an individual's ability to make worthwhile and self-rewarding contributions to community life. The association�s ethos is one of empowerment.

Activities form an important component of BPMHA�s day care. They are chosen carefully and monitored to maintain attendance. Lack of motivation and concentration are common afflictions that accompany chronic mental health problems and encouraging clients to participate in regular activities is a key aim.

There are regular centre meetings where users discuss and decide on issues important to them. There are other forums such as the women’s group the Down To Earth group, the bible study group, parent support group, men’s group, carer’s group and many others.

It is important to state however that we operate a drop in facility, which is a valuable service for mental health users.

At BPMHA, we allow service users to use the centre as a safe place to simply unwind. This enforces a degree of security and safety for someone who would otherwise wander aimlessly with little support or structure.


Thoughts From Our Users

"I started coming to Black People's Mental Health Association ever since it opened in the early 1990's. I really cannot remember what I used to do before it opened - walking the streets, feeling bored at home, etc.

Now I have somewhere to go during the day and socialise with others. I also have lunch, which is usually very filling. I get on well with most of the staff and have fun times with them."

" We come to the centre, where we can relate and the food is good, I tell you it's great.

It provides us with a safe haven and somewhere to congregate, to escape from isolation and to talk to a mate.

We have many functions where we users take part and may other options like sewing and art. The staff are very helpful and this we appreciate, so we always respect them and try to cooperate.

Without this centre, many wouldn't know their fate and we can choose when to come whether early or late.

Oh! It's a blessing they have opened this gate, so users in crisis don't get in a state."



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